Air Compressors

Automan AB (2-10 hp) Piston Compressors - solid, robust and reliable compressor for trouble free operation. Manufactured and assembled in Europe. 

The AF aluminium piston compressors are all designed for mobility and ease of use. The compressor block is manufactured from high-grade aluminium alloy – the same material used in high-performance car engines. This ensures exceptional heat transfer capabilities and high tensile strength.


Pressure reducing valve with quick coupling
The manually adjustable pressure reducer is equipped with quick coupling so it only takes seconds to add a new application to the compressor.

Start/stop/auto switch
The built-in, adjustable pressure differential switch allows the compressor to run automatically and maintain a minimum set pressure in the air receiver, giving peace of mind to the operator.

Thanks to its slow running speed, the Automan’s block has a long lifetime.

Heavy-duty air intake filter
This high-quality filter is installed on 7.5/10 hp units and provides better oil performance.

The Automan’s tank is powder coated, giving it the best protection against damage and corrosion.

Dual purpose belt guard
This solid belt guard not only offers protection for the belt, but also directs cool air over the complete block.This means superior cooling in high ambient conditions.

TEFC motor
The Automan’s European- made motor has a long life time and is weather resistant thanks to Class F insulation and IP54 protection.


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