LZB Vane Motors

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LZB Vane Motors are compact in design, light in weight and available with a host of different gear ratios to meet a variety of speed and torque requirements. They are particularly suitable for building into handheld machines or any industrial equipment. LZB vane motors are designed to provide high performance and high standards of reliability. They are characterized by high power output and small physical size.

Stainless Steel Motors are easy to clean and suitable for food processing industries where corrosive detergents are used or in the chemical industry where the atmosphere is corrosive. Their smooth surfaces are cylindrical with no pockets where dirt can collect. The motors have double seals to prevent dirt and liquids from entering the motor gears. The seals also prevent the gear lubricant from leaking out.

Explosion Proof

All our air motors are explosion proof certified for fixtured applications, in compliance with the European Union´s ATEX directive 2014/34/EU. For equipment used in potentially explosive environments. The LZL motors with Helical gears are not ATEX certified. EX-Certified air motors are ideal in hazardous environments where sparks or high outer temperatures might otherwise ignite explosive gases, vapour or dust.

Lubrication free

Atlas Copco’s lubrication free air motors are equipped with low-friction vanes, sealed bearings and vented cylinder plates. Since they release no lubricants into the air, they offer a viable drive solution for sensitive processes and hygienic environments where oil contamination would be at best a problem and, at worst, a catastrophe. Both lubrication free vanes and lubricated vanes are available as kits for replacement or conversion.

Silicon free

All the air motors are 100% silicon free. For applications handling paint, this is an absolute must as the presence of silicone can cause big problems.

LZB33 high torque –low speed air motors

Achieving high torques generally calls for very large motors with correspondingly high air consumption. The LZB33 high torque/low speed air motors are
based on the combination of LZB33, the workhorse in Atlas Copco´s air motor program, and the gears used in the large LZB42-54 motors. This gives
a compact motor/gear package. The gears are dimensioned to stand being loaded at full stall torque indefinitely. Competing low speed air motors often have to limit their output torques to prevent gear breakage.

LZB22-LR, LZB33-LR and LZB34-RL-LR low speed air motors

When there is a need for low speed and low torque, LR motors offer a complete and low price solution compared to the high torque LZB33 air motors.

Motors with brake

The most popular vane motors, LZB33, 34, 54, are available with parking brake. This brake is located between the motor and the gear. It is a disc brake
that is spring activated when the motor is not running. When the motor is started the brake is released by a built-in pneumatic piston. The brake is used when it is important that the output shaft must not turn when the motor isn’t running and a torque is applied on the shaft.



LZB Vane Motor

LZB Vane Motor

LZB34 Stainless Steel Motors

LZB34 Stainless Steel Motors

LZB66 Vane Motors

LZB66 Vane Motors

LZB22 Vane Motors LZB34 RL Vane Motor SS LZB66 Vane Motor