Battery Assembly Tools

Powerful, durable and highly operator friendly

Atlas Copco's range of industrial battery assembly tools includes both shut-off and transducerized nutrunners and screwdrivers. For quality critical applications where flexibility is essential, the BCP screwdriver and BCV nutrunner are the ideal tool choices. Powerful and durable with superior ergonomics and operator feedback they offer higher productivity in assembly operations, independent of the industry.

  • Robust and industrial design
  • Variable speed and plenty of power - low speed models available.
  • Li-Ion battery technology high power-to-weight ratio.


BCP & BCV Clutch Tools offer true cordless freedom


  • No trip hazards
  • No cable or hose management required
  • No product damage from cable or hoses
  • Speed setting functionality
  • Reversible battery pack - Battery can be mounted in two directions, giving improved accessibility.


  • Reduced operator fatigue and work related health problems
  • Light, compact and well-balanced design