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 At Air-Mech we understand that your equipment is a critical part of your business continuity. Many businesses have identified that tool & equipment downtime is one of the most expensive results of even minimal neglect so plan your maintenance and avoid costly production downtime.

Air-Mech endeavour to bridge productivity gaps by providing a quick repair and service turn-around.

To allow us to support our customers in a timely and efficient manner, Air-Mech now only provides back up service and repair for the tools and equipment we import and sell.

Preventative Maintenance Program

In order to assist our customers in keeping their equipment and tools operating economically AML offer Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP). Scheduled regular servicing greatly improves critical tool life and productivity.

A Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) enables you to forecast your budget for repairs, avoid breakdown time and scheduled your maintenance to fit in with your production.


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Overhaul and Lubrication


Even the best tool needs maintenance and overhaul. Continuous industrial use in tough working environments wears out some parts. The operating and maintenance of these tools is of vital importance to not only prolong the life of the tool but to enable it to give optimum performance.

Before a tool breaks down it loses power and becomes less productive. A gradual change can be difficult to detect and because most tools are used to full capacity, overhaul and preventive maintenance is recommended at regular intervals.

Tools should, therefore, be dismantled, overhauled and cleaned after 6 to 12 months (maximum). If they are not running properly, they should be taken out of service for inspection before more damage is caused to the tool.

A complete tool service involves fully dismantling the tool, all parts are cleaned accurately and defective or worn parts (i.e. O-rings, vanes) are replaced. Parts are then lubricated as required, re-assembled and the tool tested.

In the event that a tool is worn or damaged beyond economical repair, normally this is gauged as 50% of the tools replacement value, we will contact you to discuss what repair or replacement options are available.


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In HouseServicing

Our In-House service centre is setup to support the pneumatic and electric tools we import, with all the equipment and expertise to provide the very best service to every one of our customers.



In assembly operations worldwide there is an increasing focus on quality. Using sophisticated tools to tighten bolts is simply not enough. It’s also important to monitor tool performance, and to test joints after they have been tightened. This is where the Atlas Copco STanalyser comes in. The portable STanalyser can be used to check tool performance, repeatability and accuracy for all types of power tools and torque wrenches. Test your tools in the tool crib following service and continuously on the line to monitor performance, or test your joint by checking the residual torque using our unique residual torque check function.

Testing capability from 0.40Nm to 180Nm

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Safety should be your top priority in the workplace, protecting your employee's ensure there are no unnecessary disruptions and protects your most important assets - your people.

Contact us to do an on-site workplace safety audit in all areas where Compressed Air is used in your business.