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For more than 35 years Air-Mech has supplied and serviced top-line industrial tooling, equipment and accessories and spare parts from the world's most highly regarded tool and equipment manufacturers for New Zealand based assembly, production and maintenance businesses.

Our customers are as diverse as the tooling we import with equipment supplied and used in sectors from healthcare, building and construction to furniture makers, bee-keepers, commercial and residential joinery, petrochemical, aerospace, electronics, mining and many more.

30th Anniversary AML 

The primary focus of Air-Mech  is offer the highest level of service and productivity solutions to New Zealand's industry. With a vast knowledge of airline requirements and installation - accumulated from years of helping to set-up production we can save our customers months of trial and error in both hardware selection and efficient, safe work stations. With our specialised in-house service centre focused entirely on maintaining the equipment we import, we can ensure your tools or equipment are repaired or serviced as quick as possible ensuring maximum productivity and less downtime for your business.






New Zealand

Nationwide servicingand support

In-House Service

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Our In-House service centre is setup to support the pneumatic and electric tools we import, with all the equipment

and expertise to provide the very best service to every one of our customers.

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Tool & Equipment Servicing

Air-Mech Limited has evolved into one of the highest regarded Service Centre's in New Zealand for industrial air tools and various types of manufacturing equipment.

Our Service Centre is located in West Auckland where we have experienced  in-house Technicians looking after equipment sent in from customers nationwide.

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