Riveting Tools

We stock a range of riveting tools ranging from air hammer rivet guns, hydraulic rivet guns, hand riveting tools and threaded insert tools. We can also supply stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized steel rivets in various nut types: low profile, large flange, hex and closed end riv-nuts.

PRO riveting hammers provide a controllable impact for riveting to reduce the effect of work hardening of the rivet or damage to the surrounding metal. These tools can easily be adapted to perform other operations, such as cutting, ripping, shearing, punching and gouging, with suitable chisels fitted. 

Lobster offers the most comprehensive line of blind rivet and rivet nut tools available anywhere, the Lobster range includes the most popular HR-200 Hand Riveting tool.

Powerdyne ARG-316  and ARG-140 Hydraulic Rivet Guns uses blind rivets and are ideal tools for assembly work in the automotive, construction, metal fastening and decorative industry.