Percussive Tools

Needle/chisel scalers in the Atlas Copco range give you high performance with lower vibration levels. These ergonomically designed tools have low maintenance requirements and modular components for added flexibility.

Atlas Copco Yellow Series Chipping Hammers feature built-in ergonomic features, such as a well-designed handle and vibration damping, reduce the load on the user and help to protect the operator against the ill effects of long-term exposure to vibration. 

Atlas Copco RRC chipping hammers are used mainly in foundries, engineering workshops and shipyards.

PRO low vibration scalers are ideal for the removal of coatings, corrosion, and weld slag. Comfortable to operate, these highly effective tools make light work of the most difficult surfaces.


The low vibration scalers reduce vibration-related injuries at the workplace. They allow operators to run a tool for extended periods without frequent breaks due to tool vibration. This adds up to significant cost savings for your production operation.

The modular designs of tools in the PRO scaler range enable tool configuration to be changed according to the working conditions. Interchangeable tool modules enable an inline tool to be converted to a pistol grip version, or a needle scaler to be changed to a chisel output, simply and quickly. The result is that fewer tools are needed and there is greater flexibility in the workplace.

Make light of the toughest jobs!