Nail Guns

Both SENCO and Bostitch Industrial Nailers are available in different gauges and degrees according to the thickness and angle of the nail.

Industrial brad nailers are ideal for decorative molding and trim work. BOSTITCH® industrial brad nailers are narrow-nosed for improved line of sight with options that require oil for extreme-duty. Ultra-quiet, oil-free industrial brad nailers also available.



Coil nailers are ideal for high production applications. BOSTITCH® industrial coil nailers have a lightweight aluminum design for durability and to minimize fatigue.

Stick frame nailers are ideal for framing and sheathing applications, including engineered lumber. BOSTITCH® industrial stick frame nailers include a patented push-button for an adjustable depth-guide and slip resistant properties for toe nailing. Palm Nailer Kits are ideal for driving common bulk nails in confined areas and for nailing of metal connectors and joist hangars