Air Line Accessories

Designed and produced in Sweden, CEJN pneumatic products are the high quality choice for industries and workshops that want the best professional options on the market. Our pneumatic products result in significant reduction in energy consumption and secured tool performance. The functional design is based on genuine usability conditions, exacting standards, long life service life and low maintenance costs.

Cejn's product line includes the world's best performing products such as quick connect couplings and nipples, air and fluid guns, polyurethane hose, lightweight and heavy-duty hose, hose and cable reels and accessories. 

SAFETY FUNCTION eSafe vents the down streaming pressure before disconnection, eliminating the risk of hose whip, keeping the operator from harm.

NOISE REDUCTION eSafe reduces the noise associated with disconnecting couplings, therefore minimises the risk of hearing damage from acoustic trauma.

EXTREME DURABILITY Tests have shown that eSafe is extremely durable against impacts, vibrations and swiveling.

eSafe is the new generation of vented safety couplings. eSafe is an innovative and patented safety coupling offering the highest flow combined with a low pressure drop.

In addition eSafe has a low connecting force, compact and easy to grip design making it the natural choice when choosing a safety product with top of the line features. Its extreme durability together with the high flow and low pressure drop give you maximum operation productivity and a reliable product for years to come. 


Compact Design eSafe is the first safety coupling on the market with the dimensions of a standard coupling.

High Flow eSafe has the highest flow on the coupling market.

Easy Handling eSafe is ergonomic and one handed operation, just pull the sleeve and the coupling will automatically vent before disconnecting.