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CEJN’s  eSafe Vented Safety Couplings

eSafe is the new generation of vented safety couplings. eSafe is an innovative and patented safety coupling offering the highest flow combined with a low pressure drop. In addition eSafe has a low connecting force, compact and easy to grip design making it the natural choice when choosing a safety product with top of the line features. Its extreme durability together with the high flow and low pressure drop give you maximum operation productivity and a reliable product for years to come.

Safety Function: eSafe vents the down streaming pressure before disconnection, eliminating the risk of hose whip, keeping the operator from harm.

Noise Reduction: eSafe reduces the noise associated with disconnecting couplings, therefore minimises the risk of hearing damage from acoustic trauma.

Extreme Durability: Tests have shown that eSafe is extremely durable against impacts, vibrations and swiveling.

Compact Design:  eSafe is the first safety coupling on the market with the dimensions of a standard coupling.

High Flow: eSafe has the highest flow on the coupling market.

Easy Handling: eSafe is ergonomic and one handed operation, just pull the sleeve and the coupling will automatically vent before disconnecting.

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Now available ex-stock from our Auckland distribution center, in all standard coupling series used in New Zealand.

Listed below are the 3 most common series of quick connect couplings used in New Zealand.

CEJN 300 eSafe Series

(interchangeable with ARO210 Series 1/4″ Couplings).

DN 5.5 mm (7/32″). Flow capacity of 1,050 l/min (37.1 CFM). Max working pressure 16 bar (232 PSI). Made of zinc-plated steel/brass. Complies with safety standards ISO 4414 and EN 983.

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CEJN 315 eSafe Series

(interchangeable with ARO380 Series & Nitto 3/8″ Couplings)

DN 7.5 mm (5/16″). Flow capacity of 1,950 l/min (68.8 CFM). Max working pressure 16 bar (232 PSI). Made of zinc-plated steel/brass. Asian standard profile with a wide range of connections. Complies with safety standards ISO 4414 and EN 983.

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CEJN 500 eSafe Series

(interchangeable with ARO400 Series 1/2″ Couplings)

DN 11 mm (7/16″). Flow capacity of 4050 l/min (143.0 CFM). Max working pressure 16 bar (232 PSI). Made of zinc-plated steel/brass. Standards ISO 6150 B and A-A-59439 (former U.S. Standard MIL C 4109 1/2″). Complies with safety standards ISO 4414 and EN 983.

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CEJN’s Safety Blowguns:

CEJN 208 Series Pressure Regulated Safety Blowgun

The CEJN regulator valve automatically reduces the blowgun outlet pressure to a safe level below 29PSI (2 Bar) when dead ended or blocked to ensure a safe working environment.  The valve automatically resets once the obstruction has been removed from the end of the tube.

Part Number:  18-112080300-A

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CEJN 208 Series Star-Tip Safety Blowgun

The CEJN Star-Tip Safety Star-Tip Blowgun incorporates six separate outlets, which results in a silencing effect, as well as meet OSHA safety standards.


All products marked with the symbol “OK” are compliant with OSHA instruction STD 1-13.1: “…when dead-ending occurs, static pressure at the main orifice shall not exceed 2 bar (30 PSI).

Ear SymbolAll products marked with the “ear” symbol have a sound level below 85 dB(A) and meet the EU Machine Directive §1.5.8 concerning noise reduction demands. Compliance with above listed directives is measured at 6 bar (87 PSI) inlet pressure.


Part Number:  18-112083100-A

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 Play the animated movie below to see the safety features of these blowguns.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Block Valve

The blow protector, BLOCK, shuts off the air flow if a fitting comes loose from a pressurized hose, or if the hose is cut off. This minimizes the risk of injuries to personnel and damage to the workpiece or the surroundings.

Features & benefits

  • Shuts off air in pressurized hoses when cut off or when fitting comes loose, to minimize injuries
  • Wide range of flow capacities, all Atlas Copco tools can be equipped with a blow protector
  • Automatic reset if the BLOCK has shut off the air flow, for easy use
  • Makes the workplace safer and reduces risk of injury
  • The air flow, hose length and hose sizes must all be within the recommended range in order to choose the correct blow protector. The second hose is only used when hoses longer than 20 m are used. The second hose will always be 20 m and the first hose will be cut to the right length.

Atlas Copco Block Valve

Atlas Copco MultiFlex Swivel

The MultiFlex swivel is an ingenious multi-directional connector. Connect your tool and the hose will stay in the ideal position however much you and the tool move around. The MultiFlex bends in all directions while the hose stays straight. It takes the effort out of working in those cramped spaces. What’s more, the hose feels almost weightless. It’s the magic of MultiFlex – a marriage of ergonomic thinking and ingenious design

Features & benefits:

  • MultiFlex reduces hose wear: Since the MultiFlex swivel bends in all directions at the tool handle, the hose can remain straight. This means a substantial reduction in hose wear and thus noticeable cost savings.
  • Ergonomic thinking takes the load off the operator: The variable geometry of the MultiFlex swivel allows it to rotate freely through 360°. MultiFlex takes the effort out of working in spaces with poor accessibility, and makes heavy rubber hoses seem virtually weightless. This will boost individual productivity in your plant.
  • Minimum pressure drop, high productivity: Conventional swivels often cause substantial pressure drop that can affect your productivity. In the MultiFlex, the air passes through a continuous section, whatever the angle of the swivel, thus ensuring minimum pressure drop to the tool and maximum productivity.
  • MultiFlex pays for itself: By raising productivity, reducing hose wear and lasting much longer than other swivels, MultiFlex swivels pay for themselves quickly.
  • Long working lifetime: Like all Atlas Copco products, MultiFlex swivels are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Made from special aluminum, with high toughness, they can stand up to the roughest handling. While you may need to replace other swivels as often as every year, MultiFlex swivels will give you reliable service for many years.
MultiFlex swivel connector

MultiFlex swivel connector


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Quik Lok Vented Safety Claw Coupling

An advanced air control valve providing improved safety & productivity in the workplace.

Connect to your existing air supply and/or hose end to provide air control at your fingertips. The Quik Lok valve allows for speedy change of air tools with the on/off valve, while preventing hearing loss with the inbuilt diffuser. The inbuilt security prevents disconnection under pressure eliminating the need for safety clips.

Features & benefits:

  • Local on/off Control of Compressed Air: The special air control valve at the end of each hose provides improved safety and productivity. Safety: In the open position the air is permitted to flow through the valve, energising the air tool. In the closed position the air is stopped from flowing to the air tool and the air trapped in the tool is exhausted through the integrated air diffuser at a safe sound level. Productivity: The Quik Lok Safety Coupler is there when you need it and is within easy reach of the operator, instead of walking up to 200m to the control valve.
  • Interlocking Arms Provide Connection Security: The interlocking arms are integrated with Quik Lok. In the open position, when the air is flowing the arms are engaged with the coupled hose, which cannot be disconnected. In the closed position, the arms are withdrawn and the Quik Lok valve releases the air from the coupled hose through the integrated diffuser. The hose can now be disconnected safely. The arms secure the hose connection without an operator fitting an additional safety clip. Currently the fitting of a safety clip is often forgotten or bypassed. Quik Lok does not require a safety clip allowing operators to feel safe in their working environment.
  • Automatic Release of Upstream Air Pressure: The Automatic Air Pressure Release is an integral safety function, as it is currently impossible to tell if a hose connection is energised or not. The Quik Lok Safety Coupler with interlocking arms ensures that the hose cannot be disconnected when under pressure. When the operator wishes to disconnect a hose, they must slide the valve to the closed position, which shuts off the air supply and exhausts the upstream air pressure from the line. This inbuilt safety feature significantly reduces possible injury to the operator and surrounding workers, by eliminating accidental high pressure, high sound hose decoupling.
  • Integrated Air Diffuser with Sound Dampening: The inbuilt diffuser manages the air that is released automatically when the valve is moved to the closed position. The diffuser controls the maximum noise level, to a peak less than 80Db, this noise is acceptable for a shift of up to 8 hours. Without the diffuser, the peak noise level recorded when releasing compressed air is in excess of 130Db. Noise at this level causes permanent hearing loss when exposed repeatedly. The Quik Lok Safety Coupler reduces the level of noise operators are exposed to and overall workplace noise levels, creating a better working environment.
  • Non Corrosive Lightweight, Anti Static Materials: To ensure the Quik Lok Safety Coupler functions in tough and corrosive conditions (mines, workshops and construction sites), durable stainless steel, nylon and TPU were chosen to give the product longevity in these harsh working environments. For work areas where hazardous or explosive gases may occur, material grades with anti-static properties were chosen. Bright colours were selected allowing operators to easily locate the Quik Lok Safety Coupler in poorly lit work areas, the colour orange signifying a safety device.