Air Hoists

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Air Hoists - The LLA series

LLA air hoists offer precise, step less speed control with excellent creep characteristics. They can operate continuously at maximum load with frequent start and stop cycles without risk of damage. The patented brake mechanism eliminates load sink when starting lifting, and automatically holds the load if the air supply fails. Small dimensions make LLA hoists easy to install and their low weight means they can easily be moved for maintenance or relocation purposes. All models in the range are delivered with lubrication free vanes and are all ATEX certified. 

The range consists of 5 different sizes, chose the one that fits your lifting requirements the best: 

Model   Lifting
LLA 250L EX   250 KG 12.7 KG 0.9 KG 8451 1550 17
LLA 500L EX 500 KG  12.7 KG 0.9 KG 8451 1550 25
LLA 980 EX  980 KG  14.5 KG 1.8 KG 8451 1560 15
LLA 1000 EX 1000 KG 15.0 KG 1.8 KG 8451 1550 32
LLA 2500L EX  2500 KG  42.5 KG 2.9 KG 8451 1550 41
LLA 5000L EX  5000 KG  65.5 KG 2.9 KG 8451 1550 58

  • Hooks - Made of special high grade steels, zinc plated and blue - chromated. Provides full 360˚ rotation.

  • Brake System - Eliminate load sink and ensure smooth take-up with the enclosed disc brake.

  • Gears - Planetary gear system dimensioned for continuous operation at full load. All meshing components are hardened. All rotating components are supported by ball or needle bearings.

  • Lubrication free - The hoists can be run completely dry and leave no lubrication in the exhaust air. Lubrication can be used and will improve vain lifetime.

  • Vane motor - The LLA hoist motor’s smooth starting and low speed characteristics are optimised for ease of control.

  • Main valve – Precision control valve offers step-less speed control, smooth start-up and outstanding inching characteristics.

  • Load chain – Zinc-plated, blue-chromated and designed for optimal safety and long service life. The load chain is made of surface hardened, high grade special steel.

  • Stainless steel chain – Available for LLA 250/500.


LLA500 Air Hoist

LLA500 Air Hoist

LLA500 with chain bag

LLA500 with chain bag



Air Hoist LLA500 LLA500 Hoist with chain bag LLA500 Air Hoist