Tensor Electric Assembly Tools - Hire

Tensor DL Electric Assembly System

Light, powerful, intelligent, Tensor DL is the screw tightening system that will keep you ahead. Its unmatched performance in terms of speed, accuracy and process control will raise productivity to a new level in your plant, while helping you to cut assembly costs. The Tensor DL range is suitable for quality-critical screws. Optimized for small screw assembly, the DL drive is the electrical choice for low torque applications. High torque precision gives high quality end-products with fewer rejects. The DL drive requires minimal set-up and configuration, contacts are accessible from the front.

Tensor DL Drive – the brain of the system

The DL Drive powers the screwdriver, controls the tightening process, monitors the assembly process and guides the operator to ensure the task is performed “right first time”.

Hire Includes

  • 1 x D313-DL 2 Advanced Controller unit
  • 1 x 3M tensor tool cable
  • 1 x your choice of any one of the following tool options:

1. Tensor DL Screwdriver (ETD DL21-04-106-PS)

Torque Range 1-4 Nm
Free Speed 1600 RPM
Tool Length 235 mm
Tool Weight 0.6 KG

2.Tensor DL Screwdriver (ETD DL21-10-I06-PS)

Torque Range 3-10 Nm
Free Speed 720 RPM
Tool Length 242 mm
Tool Weight 0.6 KG

3. Tensor DL ANGLED NUT RUNNER (ETV DL21-10-06)

Torque Range 5-20 Nm
Free Speed 610 RPM
Tool Length 282 mm
Tool Weight 0.6 KG

Note: Some software set-up, configuration and training required. 

DAILY RATE  -  $200.00 

WEEKLY RATE  -  $950.00

* Prices exclude GST



Tensor DL Straight Driver

Tensor DL Straight Driver

Tensor DL Angled Nut Runner

Tensor DL Angled Nut Runner

Tensor DL Cable

Tensor DL Cable

Tensor DL System

Tensor DL System

Tensor DL Straight Driver 600px Tensor ETV DL 600px Tensor DL Cable Tensor DL Application Screwdriver 600px