Quik Lok Safety Claw Coupler

QUIK LOK valves are an advanced multifunction air control valve providing improved safety and productivity.  The QUIK LOK valve easily connects to your existing air supply and/or hose end to provide air control at your fingertips.

QUIK LOK valves allow for speedy change of air tools with the on/off valve while preventing hearing loss with the inbuilt diffuser. The inbuilt security prevents disconnection under pressure eliminating the need for safety clips.

QUIK LOK valves are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Made from tough materials, they can stand up to the roughest handling and will give you reliable service for years.

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Features & Benefits

  • On / Off control of compressed air at your fingertips resulting in productivity gains.
  • Interlocking arms provide connection security preventing disconnection of equipment under pressure.
  • Automatic release of upstream air pressure before disconnection eliminates the risk of operator injury caused by hose-whip.
  • Integrated air diffuser and sound dampening reduces the noise associated with disconnecting couplings, therefore minimises the risk of hearing damage from acoustic trauma.
  • Non corrosive materials ensuring reliable operation.
  • Available in both A or B type claw design.
  • High visibility & light weight making it functional and easy to use.

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Technical Data

 model inlet (bspp) outlet (claw) weight (kg) length (mm) diameter (mm) working temp (deg) working life (cycles) max working pressure (bar)
 General Purpose 3/4″ or 1″ A or B 0.95 190 69 -5 to 80 30,000 17.5
 Anti-static 3/4″ or 1″ A or B 0.95 190 69 -5 to 80 30,000 17.5

Ensure this valve is used only for the designed purpose of controlling compressed air within the limitations of the specifications noted in the above table.

Valve Operation: Use only your hands to connect / disconnect valve, do not use any tools or levers to increase rotational force.

To energise air tools or fixed plant
Complete connection with tool using the normal twisting motion to fully engage the claw coupler.
Depress the latch button, then slide the body of the valve toward the claw coupler, engaging the interlocking arms and allowing air to flow.
In this “energised” position the latch button re-engages and further unintentional movement is prevented.

To isolate air tools or fixed plant

Depress the latch button and slide the body away from the claw coupler. This action isolates the air supply at the valve and vents the trapped air from the tool to atmosphere. The vented air travels internally through the valve via a diffuser. The air tool or fixed plant/air operated equipment can now be safely disconnected.

Why Use Quik Lok? Because you care! Your business does not tolerate avoidable accidents. You care about the wellbeing of your employees and you have experienced the cost of dealing with an injury.

 part code description application
 67-GP12NA-A 3/4″ BSP Female General/ Industrial
 67-GP16NA-A 1″ BSP Female General/ Industrial
 67-GP12NASS-A 3/4″ BSP SS Female Marine/ Off Shore
67-GP12NASS-A 1″ BSP SS Female Marine/ Off Shore
67-AS12NA-A 3/4″ BSP Anti-Static Female Underground/ Petrochemical
67-AS16NA-A 1″ BSP Anti-static Female Underground/ Petrochemical
67-AS12NASS-A 3/4″ BSP SS Anti-static Female Petrochemical/ Marine
67-AS16NASS-A 1″ BSP SS Anti-static Female Petrochemical/ Marine
part code description application
67-GP12NB-A 3/4″ BSP Female General/ Industrial
67-GP16NB-A 1″ BSP Female General/ Industrial
67-GP12NBSS-A 3/4″ BSP SS Female Marine/ Off Shore
67-GP12NBSS-A 1″ BSP SS Female Marine/ Off Shore
67-AS12NB-A 3/4″ BSP Anti-Static Female Underground/ Petrochemical
67-AS16NB-A 1″ BSP Anti-static Female Underground/ Petrochemical
67-AS12NBSS-A 3/4″ BSP SS Anti-static Female Petrochemical/ Marine
67-AS16NBSS-A 1″ BSP SS Anti-static Female Petrochemical/ Marine