Powerdyne: Hoses, Spot Sandblast & Tyre Tools

Polyurethane Recoil Hose
Special Price $8.25 + gst

  • Extremely flexible polyurethane recoil air hose.
  • Bright colour – an added safety factor.
  • Spring kink protector guards fitted at both ends.
  • Swivel outlet fittings.
  • Resistant to – 40 degree temp.

Hose inside diameter

Hose total length

Operating air pressure (PSI)

Air inlet size

6 mm


100PSI /7 bar



Spot Sand Blaster Gun

Package Contains:

Spot Sand Blast Gun
Surface Spot Nozzle
Inside Corner Nozzle
Outside Corner Nozzle
Panel Edge Nozzle
Rubber Blasting Nozzle


Recommended Blast Media:

  • Aluminium Silicate 0.2-1.0mm / Grit size 70-18
  • Steel Grit 0.1-0.3mm / Grit size 140-50
  • Glass Beads 0.25-0.42mm / Grit size 60-40
  • Max Air Consumption: 12 CFM
  • Operating Air Pressure: 60-175 PSI
  • Air Inlet Size: 1/4″

Three Function Tyre Inflation Tools
SB-1 & SA 

The trigger function has three positions – air fill, air release & gauge pressure.

The gauge is calibrated with two scales; 0-1100kPa & 0-160PSI.

SB-1 is a clip-on connector to the tyre.

SA is a push-on connector to the tyre.

Air inlet size – 1/4″