Air-Mech is the authorised New Zealand importer and distributor for Powerdyne Pneumatic Tools. The Powerdyne tool range are rugged, durable and available nationwide.


Powerdyne Ratchet and Impact Wrenches.
Quickly and efficiently take on a broad range of automotive applications from small fastener work to heavy duty use on truck, agricultural and off-road equipment service.

Whatever your requirement, there is a Powerdyne impact wrench to provide brute force to master the toughest nuts and bolts. Powerdyne Ratchet Wrenches are designed for quick removal and installation of bolts, nuts and other fasteners located where space is limited such as dash boards, engines, carburators, lawnmowers, bench works, fuel pumps, water pumps, body works and radiator and air conditioner removal and repair.


Powerdyne Air Hammers & Needle Scalers.
Whether it’s cutting, punching, chipping, scrapping or riveting, Powerdyne Air Hammers easily and effectively handle a wide range of automotive applications. Feel the Powerdyne difference as you do general repairs, exhaust system removal, front end work, bushing driving, tough cutting jobs and more.

Powerdyne Cutting Tools.
ATS500Get the job done because of their combination of speed, power and tight accuracy when you need precise, controlled cutting on today’s high strength, composite materials. They are used for everything from body repairs to muffler and exhaust work to porting & light weld grinding.

Powerdyne Sanders and Polishers.
AT-788VThere is a Powerdyne Finishing Tool for each type of finishing application you need. When you need consistent high-performance with minimum vibration on weld smoothing, rust removal, rough shape filler, blending and smoothing filler, final filler feather-edging, body filler removal, erasing and general grinding, turn to one of our finishing tools to take care of business.

Powerdyne Drills and Screwdrivers.
AD389Because an air drill’s chuck does most of the work, all Powerdyne Drills are equipped with Jacobs industrial-grade chucks for heavy duty drilling, sawing, valve guide reaming, cylinder honing and wire brushing.