R1-A1 & R1-A2

R1-A1Lightweight, durable design – Durable enough for use in high volume applications. A superb center-balance design is comfortable in the operators hand, enhancing the lightweight feel.

Narrow Frame Head – Achieve access to tight areas with a 19.5mm diameter frame head (R1-A1) or 22mm (R1-A2)

Long stroke R1-A1 19 mm allows for use in tight spaces.

Long stroke R1-A2 22 mm allows for use in tight spaces.

On-board vacuum ON/OFF switch – Conveniently located on/off button controls vacuum mandrel collection. Simply push the button to activate vacuum, then switch to off when not in use to reduce air consumption and cost.

Oversized mandrel container – Improved efficiency = greater productivity.

Air Intake with left / right fitting – A 90 degree swivel air fitting accessible from either side of the tool allows maximum flexibility for your application.

Reduced Air Consumption – Improved air circuitry design, consumes 30% less air the  previous tools, reducing compressor costs.

 model rivet sizes stroke traction power
R1-A1 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm 19 mm 10.0 kN
R1-A2 4.8mm, 6.4mm 26 mm 18.5 kN