Cordless Riveter


A high performance, compact Riveter designed to improve workshop production line efficiency. With energy saving and added safety features which make your workstations cordless. Powered by an energy efficient 14.4V Lithium battery.

The spent mandrel catcher has a built in safety feature which prevents the tool from operating until it is properly fitted.

The LED spotlight ensures accuracy in all work areas.

Energy Saving – Installs seven times more than conventional models on a single charge. The R1B1 consumes only one forty-fifth of the power consumed by an air-riveter thanks to the lithium battery and energy-efficient power transmission system. This riveting tool installs 560 rivets on a single charge.

Design & Functionality – Easy to grip and well balanced, built to endure everyday work environment.

Energy Efficient Power Transmission System – A ball screw that efficiently converts rotations to linear motions and a planetary gear that transmits greater torque to ensure smoother riveting.

High Speed Riveting – 1.5 second cycle time ranking the R1B1 and R1B2 the industry’s fastest class of cordless riveters.


model rivet capability
stroke jaws  WEIGHT
R1B1 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 22 mm Ultra ‘M’  1.9 kg
R1B2 4.8, 6.4 22 mm Ultra ‘L’  2.0 kg

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