CEJN Breathing Air Products

Breathing Air Couplings & NipplesCEJN Breathing Air couplings have a high-flow rate, a broad connection range and require only minimal force to connect. With the vital function of supplying breathing air, the need for safety and reliability is of the utmost importance.

The launch of a new H2S push-to-connect coupling, Series 340, is a step to meet customers in the demanding area of safety breathing air and cascade systems within the oil and gas industry.


  • Automatic safety-locking feature
  • Extremely high flow capacity
  • One-hand operation

Breathing Air Couplings

Series 342 Breathing Air Maskcouplings withstand extremely rough handling in extra tough applications. The series features a zinc-plated steel/brass construction with a locking sleeve made of hardened zinc-plated steel.

The Series offers a wide range of connections, as well as anti-hose whip nipples. The automatic safety-locking feature prevents unintentional disconnection.


Technical data

Nominal flow diameter: 7.4 mm (9/32″)
Air flow: 1950 l/min (68.8 CFM)
Max. working pressure: 35 bar (507 PSI)
Min. burst pressure: 140 bar (2030 PSI)
Temperature range: -30°C — +100°C (-22°F — +212°F)
Material coupling: Zinc-plated steel/brass
Material nipple: Hardened zinc-plated steel

Couplings are compatible with Series 341 and 346 nipples.
Nipples are compatible with Series 341, 344, 345 and 346 couplings.

Spiral Non-Braided HoseSpiral Anti-Spark Hose

Spiral hose resistant to scorching and damage while exposed to sparks in welding or steel cutting environments. Working pressure of 150 PSI (10 bar). The hose is designed for compressed air and breathing air applications.


  • Spark and scorch resistant
  • Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, and other non-aqueous solutions
  • Long service life and outstanding aging abilities

CEJN spiral anti-spark hose is resistant to scorching and damage due to exposure to sparks that are present in welding environments or where cutting equipment is in use. Its excellent recoil ability and outstanding aging qualities make it ideal for assembly lines and fixed workplaces. applications. Specific sizes of the hose comply with Standard EN14594:2005 for breathing air use, when used with approved breathing air filters and masks.

Technical data

Max. working pressure: 10 bar (145 PSI)
Min. burst pressure: 25 bar (362 PSI)
Hose material: Ester-based polyurethane

PVC Air Breathing HoseYellow Air Breathing Hose (SAR) 

This medical grade PVC air breathing hose is approved to Australian/ New Zealand Standards ASNZS1716: 2003 for use with Optifit SAR.

Hose is compatible with a wide variety of common air sources.

Flexible & kink resistant air-hose.

Medical grade PVC.

Available in 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m.

Compatible with CEJN couplings only.

Technical data

Inner Diameter: 10.5 mm (white medical grade PVC)
Outer Diameter: 17.5 mm (yellow medical grade PVC)
Working Pressure: 25 bar (362 PSI)