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Air-Mech is an importer and master distributor for CEJN Air Line Accessories. The benefits of an innovative, pneumatic coupling design were solid enough to single-handedly launch CEJN in 1955. This reliable, easy-to-handle coupling replaced cumbersome and undependable compressed air couplings of the era and has remained a staple for customers around the world. CEJN products are manufactured to meet stringent functionality and quality requirements and are rigorously tested to ensure they can perform the tasks set before them. No products are better suited to compressed air applications than CEJN pneumatic products. Each product benefits from a well-planned, well-made approach that makes it an industry standout.

CEJN Air Line Fittings 300 Standard Series
CEJN Air Line Fittings eSafe 300 Series
CEJN Air Line Fittings 315 Standard Series
CEJN Air Line Fittings eSafe 315 Series
CEJN Air Line Fittings eSafe 550 Series

CEJN Air Duster Guns
CEJN Air Spiral Hoses
CEJN Multi-link Systems
CEJN Breathing Air Couplings & Hoses


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