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With ergonomically designed screwdrivers, pulse tools, nutrunners and impact wrenches from Atlas Copco. Correct grip diameters reduce reaction forces, vibration and noise levels. High power-to-weight ratios ensure maximum operator comfort.

Atlas Copco Tool Selection Guide


Atlas Copco’s powerful, high-speed impact wrenches are designed to cut production times by providing rapid run-down and fast tightening. Impact Wrenches have unmatched speed and power-to-weight characteristics which makes them ideal for e.g. loosening applications. They produce raw power and cover a wide torque range including both non-shut-off and shut-off models. They are also reaction free.  Impact Wrenches are suitable for general assembly and repair jobs when a powerful and lightweight tool is required. Atlas Copco LMS and LTS reversible impact wrenches can handle tough tightening and loosening jobs quickly, with minimum operator fatigue. The LMS non shut-off range is designed for all-purpose tightening and high availability. To cut tightening times, independent of operator influence, the LTS models should be used.

IMPULSE TOOLS – ErgopulseErgoPulse range

Impulse tools are the ideal choice for fast and reaction-free one-hand tightening. They have the same advantages as impact wrenches but with higher accuracy. In addition you will get a tool with good ergonomics, which means lower sound levels and less vibrations. Pulse tools also have a longer service life. They come in non shut-off and shut-off version. Combined with good balance and low weight the result is a tool that is very comfortable to operate.

CONTROLLED IMPULSE TOOLS – Pulsor C PulsorC system Controlled impulse nutrunners

Atlas Copco’s Pulsor C System gives you all the advantages of a controlled impulse tool, plus the intelligence of an electric fastening system.  Like all Atlas Copco impulse tools, Pulsor C is fast, powerful, light and compact and generates virtually no reaction force.  The controller remembers up to 4,000 tightening’s that can be stored and analysed.  This enables you to fine tune your process and ensure that every tightening in every shift is perfect.  If they are not perfect, you can see why. The system consists of a tool, cable and monitoring unit.

SCREWDRIVERSLUM22 Pneumatic Screwdriver
We offer a wide range of extremely accurate, ergonomically designed screwdrivers for all kinds of jobs involving smaller screw sizes, up to M6. All models are lubrication free.

Shut-off control (LUM)
Best practice in most cases, especially for machine screws and screws in plastic. Very high accuracy and lowest bit consumption.

Slip Clutch (TWIST, LUF)
Best for sheet metal screws, wood screws or self-tapping screws.

Direct Drive (LUD, LUF, HRD)
The low cost alternative for wood and self-drilling screws.

PNEUMATIC NUTRUNNERSangle_nutrunner_ltv_39-2_503611_456

Angle nutrunners from Atlas Copco are certified for accuracy and durability by major car manufacturers. They are easy to choose, easy to set, and easy to operate.

Angle and Straight Type (LTV, LTD)

Suitable for high volume serial production. Extremely good accuracy, small angle head, suitable for use where space is limited. Low noise and vibration levels.

Pistol Grip Type (LMP, LTP)pneumatic_nutrunner_ltp_61_503459_456 Pistol grip nut-runners are comfortable to operate. The reaction bar eliminates reaction forces and the exhaust though the handle keeps noise levels low. Single handed operation combined with perfectly balanced pistol grip design.

Atlas Copco introduces the RTP, a pneumatic nutrunner which fastens and loosens bolts within the Trucking, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining and Off-road industries.


Tensor DL and MicroTorque

The Tensor nutrunners have been used in the automotive and general industry since the mid 1980’s. They are known for their unbeaten productivity and reliability in tough environments, as a cornerstone in high-volume production activities around the world.

The latest generation of higher-torque tools is the Tensor ST, that has taken over the role as leading transducerized hand-held nutrunner on the market. For non-safety-critical applications that do not require documented torque results, Tensor DS offers highest productivity based on the DigiTork control method.

The new Tensor SL tool range is optimized for safety-critical small screw assembly. It offers compact screwdriver ergonomy and speed combined with traceability and error-proofing capabilities.

The Tensor ranges span from 0,3 Nm (SL) to 4000 Nm (S/ST) in pistol-grip, inline or right angle configurations, to cover all customer needs.

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