Atlas Copco: Tool Balancers

For easy access to the tools at your workstation, increased productivity and good ergonomics, choose Atlas Copco balancers. They are designed to reduce stress levels in the operator´s muscles and minimize fatigue.

WP balancer

Weightless positioning balancers with a cone-shaped drum that holds the load in the correct position and keeps it weightless throughout the entire cable length. It minimizes worker fatigue.


The load is not pulled back when released and the environment is protected from accidental hoisting of the load.

• Steel cable with cable stop buffer.
• Safety chain.
• Quick and easy cable replacement.

RIL Balancer

RIL balancers always keep the tool in place, and easily accessible. RIL balancers are available as retractors
or weightless positioning balancers.

RIL Retractors

• Adjustable wire stop.
• High quality spring and construction.
• Load range 0 to 10 kg.




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