Atlas Copco: Air Motors

Air motors

Atlas Copco Air motors are compact and lightweight. An air motor weighs only a quarter as much and occupies only one sixth of the space of an electric motor of equivalent output power. Air motors develop far more power relative to size and weight than most other motor types.

  • Air motors can be held stalled indefinitely without overheating or sustaining any other damage. They can be started and stopped repeatedly to an unlimited extent.
  • Torque, speed and direction of rotation can be changed easily using simple control methods.
  • Output automatically adjusts to match the applied load.
  • Controllable over a wide speed range.
  • Ideal for many applications in hazardous or hostile environments.
  • Smooth start-up to minimize “shock” loading on transmission components.
  • Unaffected by, and will not generate, electrical interference.

LZB Vane Motors – 0.1 kW to 2.8 kW lzb33_lzb34_ac0036782_456

Type LZB Atlas Copco vane motors are compact in design, light in weight and available with a host of different gear ratios to meet a variety of speed and torque requirements. They are particularly suitable for building into handheld machines or any industrial equipment.




Stainless Steel Air Motors – LZB14 lzb14

Are easy to clean and suitable for food processing industries where corrosive detergents are used or in the chemical industry where the atmosphere is corrosive. Their smooth surfaces are cylindrical with no pockets where dirt can collect. The motors have double seals to prevent dirt and liquids from entering the motor gears. The seals also prevent the gear lubricant from leaking out.


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