Atlas Copco: Drills

 It fits snugly in your hand. The anatomic design of the grip keeps the arm and wrist straight, reducing the risk of injury. The perfect balance of the tool enables you to guide it smoothly and easily. The high power-to-weight ratio means maximum stock removal in the shortest possible time. The chuck guard protects fingers, allowing a two-handed grip and comfortable guiding of the drilling operation.

Drill SelectionPistol Grip DrillsPistol grip drill LBB 26low noise level with comfortable grip for high precision. Two hand drip available which gives greater flexibility. Lubrication free for clean working environment and operator comfort.

Straight Drills – Primarily intended for vertical drilling operations and for drilling in cramped spaces. Quiet with very high power to weight ratio. Adjustable exhaust and lubrication free LBB16 drills are lubrication-free for clean working environment and operator comfort.

LBB16 S038, straight drills