Cost-saving Benefits

Delivering Cost-Saving Benefits Through Well-Planned Features

One of the major costs in manufacturing environments is compressed air.  Optimization of compressed air systems can have a major impact on controlling costs for the on-site generated energy source.

The most common causes of energy loss in compressed air systems are leaks and pressure drop.

Leaks can be a leading source of wasted energy in compressed air systems. They can cause a drop in system pressure and shorten the life of nearly all system components.

Pressure drop leads to insufficient power for tools. Efficiency losses on tools lead to longer work cycles and higher production costs result.

CEJN pneumatic couplings are specially designed to address primary causes of energy loss in compressed air systems through well-planned features. In turn, CEJN couplings result in significant reduction in energy consumption.

In addition to energy costs, CEJN couplings also address such problems as safety concerns, shortened component life and higher maintenance costs.

1. Pre-applied thread sealant – Results in quick, easy, and air-tight installation
2. Ergonomically designed sleeve – Provides a more secure grip and prevents slippage
3. One-hand operation – Allows fast, easy, and secure connection and disconnection
4. Low connection force – Minimizes operator exertion and eliminates fatigue
1. Extremely low pressure drop – Permits lower energy consumption
2. Air-tight design – Prevents air loss during connection and operation
3. High Flow – Allows improved tool performance
1. Smooth machined parts – Make sure mating parts are always properly aligned, ensuring air tightness
2. Exposed surface are chrome-, nickel, or zinc-plated – Ensures resistance to corrosion and protection in harsh environments
3. Pre-lubricated locking balls – Prevent premature wear and provide improved vibration resistance
4. Hardened steel nipple bodies and locking sleeves – Offer maximum wearing strength and lengthy, uniterrupted service life
Overall Close Tolerances – Ensure smooth, efficient operation time after time.

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